Out Story

 The Milling farm was acquired in the late 50s, with cattle operations beginning in the early eighties.  Pastures were created on a twenty seven acre tract of the farm for cattle grazing.  Starting with a small herd of 5 Hereford-Angus mix cattle we began a cow-calf operation.  Cattle were raised and sold as feeders to a local butcher.  A new Angus bull was acquired in 2008 to improve the genetics of our herd.  In 2007 we began working cooperatively with the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) on projects to help reduce the farms impact to the Chesapeake Bay.  Over the past few years we have implemented improvements that have allowed the farm to have a minimal impact to the Bay.  These projects have included perimeter fencing to keep the cattle out of the waterways surrounding the farm.  The construction of a heavy use area, for use as a feeding area, limiting ground disturbance and subsequent runoff. As well as, the installation of a artisan well and drinking water distribution system to allow the cattle to have fresh clean drinking water, without requiring them to enter groundwater sources.  The wedding of Barbie and James in June of 2011 marked a new chapter for the farm.  We began making plans to move from selling feeder cattle to offering beef through direct sales.  Our first season of sales took place in 2012 and was meet with success.